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Timely delivery for Christmas Eve

This close to Christmas we do our very best to have your order delivered to you in time for the feast.
Our partner DHL delivers until at least 2 p.m. even on Christmas Eve.
In order for your gifts to be under your tree in time, you need to consider a few things:

  • Are the goods in stock with us?

    Our signal light system will tell you - a
    green light indicates that the article is in stock and ready for dispatch.
    The product overview pages can be filtered for in-stock articles to spare you the hassle of scrabbling about.
  • Choose instant payment methods (e.g. credit card, Paypal, cash on delivery or Amazon Payment).

    Then we can dispatch the goods immediately and no time is lost for payment transactions.
  • Are you constantly present at the specified delivery address or do you have neighbors who can accept the delivery in your stead?

    The diligent DHL delivery men are on the move from early morning until late at night (until 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve) and cannot exactly predict the time they will knock at your door.
  • If you need your order within the next day, purchase in-stock goods until 3 p.m. and choose one of the mentioned instant payment methods.

    The goods should be delivered to you on the following day. In case of doubt or emergency you can select DHL Express as delivery method.  DHL Express  guarantees delivery within the next day (except weekends).
  • For safety's sake - plan at least one day as a buffer,

    because at Christmas time the DHL might need a bit longer to deliver all packages.

...or get it directly from our Hamburg City Store;

On Christmas Eve, our colleagues in our shop in the Hamburg Gänsemarkt Passage (Gänsemarkt 50) will be there for you until 2 p.m. (LINK ZUR LADENSEITE) You can have products you are interested in sent to our store for viewing purposes. All products which are available in our Hamburg store already have the information "available at our Hamburg store" next to the product image. Press that, and then select "register and request product".